Advisory services typically cost around £75-100/hour.

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carbon footprints/greenhouse gas(GHG)emissions assessments

We prepare and measure corporate and product carbon footprints, and annual GHG emissions accounts in conformance with international standards including The GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1, and for reporting platforms including CDP. 

supply chain and scope 3 assessments and screening

We help assess and measure supply chain impacts and dependencies, including screening and strategies for addressing scope 3 emissions across all fifteen GHG Protocol/CDP categories.   

science-based targets

We help prepare and submit science-based targets for approval, including scope 3 emissions screening, sector-based data modelling, KPI alignment, strategy development and implementation.  

risk and opportunity assessments

Environmental risk and opportunity assessments, including facilitation of corporate level and supply chain appraisals in alignment with CDP and recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).  


We provide independent, expert assurance of GHG emissions assertions, and the adequacy of the evidence offered. We carry out verifications to ISO 14064-3 'Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions'.


Climate-related investment appraisals

Climate-related risk and opportunity appraisals. Carbon accounting, deep dive analysis, and natural capital evaluations for investments and sectors. Development and assurance of risk, return and impact models. ESG screening policy and criteria. Commercial due diligence on clean technologies and green products and services.

Non-financial metrics and corporate reporting

We help measure, manage, and report on non-financial metrics, including greenhouse gases, energy, waste, natural and social capital; translating pioneering thinking on these issues into practical steps and measures that help you reduce impacts and generate competitive advantage.

responsible supply chain and sustainable products

We help improve supply chain transparency, and product traceability; joining-up business activities across the value chain; identifying opportunities; and linking up natural and social capital initiatives with long-term financial returns.

water footprints, Natural capital, and social capital appraisals

We carry out complex water footprint and natural capital assessments along product supply chains and across global operations.  We are members of the Natural Capital Coalition and collaborate with other experts and associates in this field.