More reliable, robust, and insightful non-financial metrics are crucial to gain a rounder picture of long-term business sustainability and value generation



Sustainability reporting 

Environmental and social impacts are a major cost and reputational risk for companies, but also present a significant opportunity to reduce costs, drive innovation and cement relationships with your stakeholders and supply chain partners.

We help provide sustainability reporting that is material to the business and market, and uses credible standards. Our support includes:

  • Calculating and preparing annual carbon/ greenhouse gas emissions accounts, and providing assurance to ISO 14064-3 
  • GHG Protocol Corporate Standard; Product Standard; Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard; PAS 2050; and Water Footprint Network 
  • Natural Capital Protocol, Social Capital and Natural Capital Accounting
  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and ESOS
  • Bespoke environmental impact calculators, models, and inventory management protocols
  • IIRC Integrated Reporting; GRI; CDP carbon disclosure and performance score leadership

We are experienced in supporting and helping FTSE 350 listed and Global 500 companies in reporting to CDP Climate Change, Forests, Water, and Supply Chain.




Setting environmental and other non-financial targets and KPIs

Our support to companies employs a mix of top-down market insights, and bottom-up site level analysis of what opportunities exist, and what's feasible in the business. This helps ensure stakeholder engagement, the best use of capital, and that the most cost-effective projects are implemented. We are experts in addressing Scope 3 emissions, and assessing complex value and supply chains.

  • Science-based targets
  • Investment hurdles with short, medium and long-term time horizons
  • Carbon, energy, waste and water modelling
  • Return on Investment (ROI), and marginal abatement cost criteria
  • What technological developments are likely to give the ‘easy wins’ of the future? 
  • What can be financed in-house and what can be delivered through supply chain partnering?
  • What are the most effective KPIs to integrate into existing management reporting?

We are not linked to any particular software provider. We therefore provide independent advice on selecting the most appropriate solutions for your business.  



Carbon accounting and reporting, water footprint, natural capital, product and supply chain experts

Over 120 organisational GHG emissions assessments, and over 30 product carbon lifecycle assessments, and water footprints, carried out for complex global supply chains.   

Click above for Andrew prosser's mandatory Greenhouse gas reporting webinar for institute of chartered accountants in ENgland & Wales

Click above for Andrew prosser's mandatory Greenhouse gas reporting webinar for institute of chartered accountants in ENgland & Wales