Value chain: the case for investing in social capital


Enhancing natural capital requires investment in social capital too. So much of good natural capital management and decision making is about social capital management, and investment in supply chains, and stakeholder communities.

For the Lion’s share of companies, the biggest impact and dependency on natural capital is along the supply or value chain, from material source to consumer use and return. 

Value chains are complex and it’s not easy to manage them without collaboration from stakeholders, and a reasonably clear view of what’s going on up and down the supply chain. 

In Autumn 2014 we carried out research into the barriers, challenges, and steps to improvement for companies sourcing commodities and supplying products with significant impacts on deforestation at a global level.

What can help you address natural capital in your value chain more effectively?

How can you direct activities towards greater engagement with partners and communities, leading to reduced risk, greater efficiencies, and increased stakeholder value? 

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Our survey for ICAEW. Natural capital: help for mainstream reporting?