Growing population and prosperity is driving increased demand for food, beverages, and soft commodities to meet society’s needs.  This, as well as climate change, land, energy and water constraints, is putting pressure on access to food, fuel and fibre. Transformations in communications, real estate, travel and leisure, are changing the way in which resources and energy are used. 

One of the principal challenge for business is to address peoples' needs and aspirations without degrading the natural world which we all rely on. We are in the early stages of a shift from an overriding focus on short-term financial metrics (as important as these metrics remain) to wider non-financial indicators, covering natural, social, and intellectual capital.  These provide a rounder picture of long-term business sustainability, value generation, and changing market fundamentals, and are the primary focus of our consultancy business model.

Capitalactiv Ltd was established as a consultancy in 2014. Our specialist sustainability accounting expertise, and market leading assessment and modelling capabilities, draw on the experience of working with some of the world’s largest companies as well as smaller companies innovating in this field.  This expertise is supported by cross-sector industry, commercial and supply chain management experience, of day to day business pressures and incentives. 

Industry sector experience includes the following: Food & beverages; soft commodities; personal & household goods; retail; media; ICT; financial services; transport & travel; real estate; construction & materials; packaging; energy and waste.